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The role of the Customer Data Platform in transforming customer engagements in every industry

FinServ is late to the party

As a Salesforce platinum partner, we were recently invited to join Jo Taylor, Senior Account Executive: Marketing Cloud and Miles Lamont, Strategic Account Director at Salesforce in their marketing podcast focussed on the financial services industry, discussing the role of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) in helping organisations to be more adaptive and customer-focussed.

In the podcast, Matt Heffer, VP Alliance Solutions, EMEA and I talked about changes in customer behaviour and recent success stories with CDPs, outlining several lessons we’ve learnt for financial services organisations.

Of the points discussed, the pivotal role of a CDP in delivering the total customer experience was apparent throughout, particularly in the financial services industry where rising customer expectation requires the help of technology platforms to stay ahead of growing competition.

“The financial services sector needs to catchup quickly or new entrants will eat their dinner.”

In an industry historically built on bricks and mortar and personal 1:1 face to face moments, we also acknowledge the benefits of the CDP as we continue to evolve our interactions in the digital world, beyond one-to-many communications, helping organisations to do as much online as possible in solving problems or providing service upgrades. Beyond moments online, the CDP’s centralised customer profile is also easily accessed by bank managers, consultants, clerks and call-centre agents, allowing for a succinct in-person experience too.

Amongst the capabilities, benefits and use-cases, what emerges is a picture of adaptive organisations outperforming their peers, with CDPs as an enabler by providing focus on higher brand awareness, customer retention, revenue growth and bringing back those personalised 1:1 moments at scale in the digital world.

To hear more, listen to the podcast here. Or if you’d like to discuss any of the points relevant to your own organisations, get in touch for more detail.