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Me in Merkle - Gavin Logan

Me In Merkle is a series of interviews that showcase the incredible individuals who make Merkle a unique and diverse place to work. This week we chatted to Gavin Logan, associate- paid social, at Merkle.

1. Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in Munich when I was younger but moved back to Scotland when I was 9. I now live in Edinburgh with my friends and absolutely love it – two mins from the office but it’s also close enough to get out up north to the hills.

2. What drew you to your current career?

I studied History and Politics at Uni and as interesting as it was, I couldn’t see myself as a librarian, teacher or politician. Digital marketing came onto my radar when I had the opportunity to use it as an excuse to spend a few months in Lisbon on an internship. Once I got more hands-on experience, I saw the effect that a good digital strategy can have on a business of any size. Within that internship I enjoyed working on social, for the opportunity to reach people in the most engaging formats and so was keen to learn more.

3. Why Merkle?

The people. It really makes a difference to your day-to-day to be surrounded by a team of lovely people. Everyone’s looking out for each other and truly work as a team, across Departments and within teams. I love working in a team and with positive, engaging people – I get both of that every day here. There’s also more free food than I expected.

4. Tell us a bit more about your day-to-day.

Cliché as it is each day is really different. Checking in on campaign performance is a daily task, as is managing client communications. I can honestly say all the clients here are a pleasure to work with, and open to new ideas and recommendations. Most days there’s also some sort of opportunity to be upskilling on something, be that a presentation or training by a platform rep or a Department meeting where we share ideas or innovations.

5. What do you enjoy most about Paid Social? And what do you think future developments will be?

The main thing I enjoy about Paid Social is that it’s always changing and developing. The platforms we use are constantly updating and there’s new skills to learn or things to test. Beyond that, the range of platforms is expanding and within the Department we’re always encouraged to be across these changes and test things that would work well for our clients.

6. What would your advice be to somebody considering a career in Paid Social?

Be ready to share. Everyone in the team adds value and at all levels there’s people in the Department sharing knowledge or insights more formally or even just in the Team chat.

7. What is your greatest accomplishment?

I ran the Edinburgh Marathon on the day of my 21st birthday a few years ago which was a great experience – particularly the first 2 miles and the night out after.

8. Tell us a bit about your experience so far with Merkle.

I joined in December 2020 during lockdown 2.0 and was really lucky to be immediately welcomed into the team, even though I’m up in Scotland and the team is mostly down in London. From day one I met people who were keen to help in anyway, or just wanted to have a chat and say Hi. Since then, I’ve completed training and worked on a wide range of clients, constantly learning by doing. I decided to stay in Edinburgh last year and was lucky enough to be welcomed into the office up here as the first Scottish based Paid Social member. Since then, there’s been a few more of the Social team start up in Edinburgh, tripling the Scottish Social population.

9. What inspires you about Merkle’s workplace culture?

Everyone is constantly learning and constantly looking to improve. I really feel like there’s no font of all knowledge on any subject, everyone is constantly empowered to ask people questions and lean on their colleagues, be that senior or junior. I’ve always felt encouraged to ask questions and take everything as a learning opportunity.

10. What was your dream job growing up?

I definitely fancied myself as a footballer at one point, but in my teens I really wanted to be a radio presenter. I once recorded a show for a local radio station for work experience, and I will never release the recording.

11. Are you involved in any of our DEI Pillars? If so, which one and can you tell us a bit about it?

I’m not currently but I’m looking to get involved. I think one of the best things about Merkle is that the DEI pillars are always making tangible changes to the workplace culture all the time – there’s always new initiatives to make the company more inclusive and forward-thinking.

12. How do you like your eggs?

Definitely poached as long as it isn’t me cooking them.

13. What are you currently watching on Netflix/Prime?

I’m working through the latest series of Always Sunny at the moment, strong recommend if you don’t already watch.

14. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Wearing socks and sandals to the office, I’ve taken a lot of heat for this recently.

15. What is your dream holiday destination?

Would love to do a big trip to Japan, a week in the cities and a week skiing.

16. Best advice or mantra you live by?

Pour confidently.