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Blog - Marketing Solutions and Strategies

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Data Quality and Marketing Automation Success

One prerequisite before signing the dotted line and purchasing a marketing automation system is making sure that your data quality is perfect. But, generally that's not the order of how things actually go. You purchase the marketing automation platform (MAP), and then realize that you're stuck with something you can only use as a simple email execution tool, due to the quality of your data.

How to Keep Your Head Above the Waves of Marketing Data & Technology

It recently struck me that the ability to keep my head above the waves is a skill and practice not just necessary in surfing. It’s also pertinent in managing an organization's marketing technology. Without a marketing technology strategy and the ability to rise above the chaos, leveraging your organization's data and technology may very well look like me on my first day back on a surfboard – fruitlessly flailing and floundering in a wild ocean of data and tech rather than harnessing their powers and enjoying the ride.

Best Practices for Working with a Global Team

We live not only in a socially connected world, but also in a professionally connected one. With the frequency of global acquisitions and increases in remote working models, the likelihood that employees will need to work with a global team has increased dramatically. Working within a global team has tremendous challenges like time zones, cultures, and work habits, —but adapting effectively to a global work environment is essential in today’s business world.

Your Cost Per Dollar Raised Metric is Wrong

Most marketers measure the effectiveness of each fundraising channel with cost per dollar raised or income per name. Guess What? These metrics are wrong. They are not inaccurate due to lack of trying. In fact, many spend considerable effort ensuring these metrics are extremely precise. Unfortunately, precision is not the same as thing as accuracy.