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Facebook Attribution and Google Analytics: When Two Is Better Than One

We all want one holistic cross-channel view of performance, right?! However, in today’s attribution landscape, this is hard, especially when using different platforms to measure media performance, as many advertiser’s do. One of the most challenging channels to bring into this mix is Paid Social on Facebook, so this article will tell you how to combine Analytics 360 and Facebook Attribution together to get an accurate cross-channel view of performance, with a particular focus on Facebook Ads’ impact within the channel mix.

Multiply your ROI with Multi-Touch Attribution

What is the optimal budget split between all my channels? How can I improve my overall digital marketing return on investment? How are channels interacting with each other? Read this blog for help with answering these questions and avoiding common pitfalls.

What Is The Future of Digital Attribution?

The last year has been a turning point for digital attribution. GDPR and ITP has made us re-think our approach, based on the data we have and how this translates into long-term solutions for our clients. Read more to know how to achieve perfect results by using imperfect data.