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Linking Google Analytics and BigQuery Just Became Simple

Another large announcement has just been made by Google only an hour ago which will revolutionise the way we link Google Analytics and Big Query.

You can now link the two yourself to enable regular data exports of your Google Analytics data to Big Query.

See this guide for more information about GA data exports into Big Query: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/3437618?hl=en

Note this feature is only available for Google Analytics Premium customers!

Previously, linking Google Analytics and Big Query could only be done after lots of manual back and forth with your GAP representative or agency which took weeks in some cases to set up.

Allowing users to manage these links in the Google Analytics Admin console themselves smooths out and considerably speeds up the process of exporting your GA data to Big Query.

Follow the below steps to link the two platforms and you should start to see data being exported the following day!


Before you start you’ll need to set up a Google Developers Console project: https://console.developers.google.com/

… and enable billing:


Finally, ensure that the BigQuery API is enabled for your project in your API manager in the Developer’s Console. If not, add it in the Google APIs tab also shown below:


Next up – Linking GA views to Big Query:

Start by logging into GA and navigating to the Admin console (link at the top of the page).

Go to the ‘All Products’ link under your selected Web Property:


Scroll down to BigQuery and select ‘Link BigQuery’:


In the wizard, enter your project ID / Number from the Developer’s Console:


Next choose a view that will be exported to BigQuery, check the terms and Submit:


Note that you can only link one view for each Web Property so choose wisely!

If successful you should see the following confirmation message under the wizard:

confirmation screenshot

Managing the link:

Once linked up you can edit or remove any links through the All Products menu via the Adjust Link button:

edit button in all products

That’s it! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Useful Links:

Google Developers console:


Big Query Web UI:


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