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Home Sweet Home Cloffice

Thinking Outside the Box. 

Cloffice. Yes, there’s a name for it. A closet turned office. When the pandemic hits and you and your spouse work from home and kids fill the house – you get creative. For me, this meant turning my largest closet into my home office. I needed a place to shut the door, limit distractions, be productive and divide work from my family life.

What caught my attention recently, is how brands are embracing quickly evolving trends. We know COVID has changed everything about our lives. But it’s been even more interesting to see a brand identify a very specific trend and build a marketing campaign around it.

With a search of “How to turn closet into an office,” Wayfair, West Elm, and others appear in the shopping ads promoting small desks, shelves, and accessories to outfit your closet. Home offices, standing desks, and home goods continue to see huge growth in search terms but finding long-tail search terms and unique niche opportunities can deliver huge returns for brands.

Scroll Pinterest and closet office or cloffice brings up all sorts of inspiration. Quick ways to outfit your space are highlighted, including links to desks and brands for inspiration. So many across the country have adapted to multiple people working at home while trying to make a functional working space. Throw in a few shelves, order a desk and chair from Amazon, and there you have it — a workspace you can call your own.

An email I received from Target featured the headline Cloffice 101: Outfitting your space. It was full of inspiration across their home goods category, including shelves, baskets, blankets, and accessories. A year ago, we were in the buzz of an office environment, running from conference room to conference room. Now we look for quiet areas in the house to be productive in a cloffice. Working from home, amongst so many other changes since COVID, have become marketing opportunities. Brands must continue to adapt quickly.

The Siren song of work

We now work from home, eat at home, exercise at home, and are entertained at home. According to a State of Remote Work published by Buffer, the top struggle people face working remotely is “not being able to unplug.” Blurring lines has been great for many families, creating flexible work cultures and driving great accountability and performance. But so many of my team struggle with a laptop in the corner of a living room or bedroom, in their face, begging them to get online and answer just a few more emails. Having a room, no matter how small, to shut the door and “turn off” work might just be what someone needs to maintain balance.

I miss the office. I miss the buzz of people stopping by for questions. I miss seeing my team in person. I’m optimistic that one day we can get back there. Until then, I’ll be working away in my cloffice and I’m glad it has an official name.