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Driving conversion through an SEO-informed influencer strategy

An FMCG brand needed to improve the brand health of its online parenting hub to recruit diverse parenting sub-communities and foster positive engagement. Through our market and audience research, we identified that using influencers with trusting follower communities was the best strategy to support our client to meet their objectives.

Our SEO team conducted search intent analysis to pull out key topics of interest, and this informed the content strategy for each influencer. Social-first influencers were then selected that matched the diverse sub-communities we were targeting to ensure our connections would be authentic. The influencer content was integrated and amplified via paid channels and .com for strong campaign impact and to create a strong consumer experience.

At the end of the project, influencer engagement rate was 43% above target and the recruitment rate was stronger than both paid search and display. A key takeaway from this approach is that in a time where many consumers trust people over brands, advertisers should be looking to incorporate influencers into their media-mix. The key is to integrate the influencers across paid and owned channels to make powerful connections with their audience.