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Blog - Digital Marketing Channels

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Making the most of your Smart Shopping campaigns in 2021

If you’ve worked on Google Ads over the last 2 years, you’ve likely noticed Smart Shopping evolving from the lesser-known relative of manual shopping to the heart and soul of any PPC party (of which there are many, we are told).
Topic: Paid Search

A Guide to Ad Builders in SA360

Updating and maintaining dynamic ad copy across a paid search account can be a very time-consuming process that can lead to inaccuracies or missed changes, particularly when these ad copy changes are actioned either through Google Ads Editor, or a bulk sheet.
Topic: Paid Search

Why SEO is important for YouTube

Increase YouTube video rankings and engagements using SEO techniques. Learn how to integrate SEO into your YouTube strategy.
Topic: SEO

Voice Assistant Marketing: Meet Saskia from Merkle

With 8,000 voice searches being made every second on Google alone, discover how your business can optimize content to appear for voice-activated searches. Begin building your voice search optimization (VSO) strategy by taking Saskia’s 5-minute quiz.

Your brand on Amazon: building relationships on the marketplace

Telling your brand story is becoming increasingly important. Recent research found that brands in customers’ initial consideration set may be up to three times more likely to be purchased than brands that aren’t (McKinsey).
Topic: Paid Search