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Creative Formats: Skins

Skins are great for raising brand awareness and reaching a large target audience over a short period of time. They usually include high-quality visuals and take over the background of a website for a limited time. Find out the facts and what our best practice is for skins in this blog.

homepage takeover / skin exmple

What are Skins?

Also called a homepage takeover or a back drop, a skin takes over the homepage of a publisher’s website - usually resulting in 100% share of voice (depending on the package bought). These are often created using a mix of static Jpegs and animated HTML5 banners.

Skins are great for brand awareness and driving traffic to your site. Metrics like brand recall, time on site and clicks are key to judging a skin’s success.

Where do they appear?

On the homepage of a publisher’s site on mobile, tablet and desktop. The specs for skins vary between publisher so it is important to consider both the publisher and its specs before deciding on your slot - some publishers only run static skins and others run fully animated HTMLs, which are usually deemed more preferable.

Skin creative stats

Where are they available?

You can now run skins through DoubleClick. Historically you could only buy skins direct via a reservation/Programmatic Guaranteed deal through DCM or another ad server, but now you can buy them programmatically.

Best Practice

  • Try and use a publisher you have had success with previously.
  • Explore overlaying the publisher’s first party data to tailor your reach - you don’t necessarily want to show your creative to everyone who hits their homepage. Overlaying first party data incurs a higher CPM fee, but performance in theory should be better as you are only hitting your target audience.
  • Look at relevant metrics such as brand recall, time on site, and clicks. If you are running through DoubleClick, take advantage of brand uplift surveys.