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Creative Formats: In-Banner Video Ads

In-Banner video creatives are one of the 'go to' formats if you have video assets that you want to serve across the web. They usually consist of a standard size banner (usually a large 970x250) with a video embedded and branding and other support imagery included. Find out in this blog the benefits and what you will need in order to build one.

In-banner video ad example

What are In-Banner Video Ads?

In-banner video creatives, in their simplest form, are a JPEG asset with a video player on top like the above examples (the whole creative is rendered in HTML). However they can be much more than this, and can incorporate animated HTML in the background, interactive elements and be expandable.

In-banner video creatives are great for extending your video reach outside of the in-stream environment.

Where do they appear?

Depending on the size you build the creative in, in-banner video ads can appear across both the open exchange and private marketplace. For more impact think about using a bigger size on a premium site (specific to your target audience of course), for more reach think about using standard sizes across the open exchange.

What do you need to build one?

A video firstly! Either in MP4 format, or present on your YouTube channel. You will also need your usual brand and campaign assets. These can then be inputted into a basic template in DoubleClick or AdWords or they can be used to build a custom format in Google Web Designer or hand built in HTML.

In-banner video ad stats

What kind of budget do you need?

In terms of media buying, because in-banner video creatives can take the form of normal size ad units, CPMs can be very low on the open exchange. Large slots on premium sites however can be reserved for Programmatic Guaranteed deals which can be much more expensive. You will also need to take into account the costs for design and build.

Best Practice

  • If you are opting to run your creative on a premium site, use a publisher with which you have had historic success.
  • Explore designing different creatives (with different videos) for each of your target audiences.
  • If you are running pre-roll or in-stream/feed video activity, strongly consider also running in-banner video creatives to ensure you have coverage across the whole web and can utilise sequential messaging.