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This is Connected

As we continue to evolve our interactions in the digital world, the life of webinars and the expectation around new content formats is now requiring new energy. I’ve been invited to hundreds of webinars that I either can’t make, or I’m less motivated to attend because standing out from the noise has become more challenging.

It’s important as marketing professionals to continue to learn and absorb thought leadership across our industry as brands continue to adapt to customer needs. To support this, we’ve launched our podcast named Merkle Connected, which will bring you insight into everything that you need to consider when going on your journey towards customer experience management.

Brands must find a way to create a personal connection in the digital world that goes beyond the product – it has to be easy as too many businesses make it harder than using Amazon, which is our retail benchmark; similar to Google being our search benchmark. Commerce platforms like Amazon have made our lives easier. For example, Prime with its speed of delivery means that we are all becoming more impatient. In our new podcast series, we’ll discuss how to address challenges like these and what’s needed to transform your business across digital and data, how to become an adaptive organisation and what are the macro and micro trends that are currently happening in the industry today; from a business and a consumer perspective.

In our first episode, I sat down with Margaret Wagner, President, EMEA, and Richard Lees, Chief Strategy Officer, EMEA to discuss the state of customer experience transformation and management today. We’ll discuss how outcomes are more important than outputs, and how constantly restarting isn’t how to evolve as brands need to look at life beyond transformation. Amazon measures 500 key metrics, over 80% are related to their customer(s). This is what allows them to continue being an adaptive organisation. Brands need to keep making it work, then make it better, and then bigger.

Subscribe to our podcast here or on Spotify. We’ll be releasing new episodes fortnightly to give you our latest views on Customer Experience Management.

This is Connected.