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Cadbury take a stand for young people

In collaboration with our colleagues at Carat, Cadbury‘s launched their  ‘Give a Doubt’ campaign with the aim of supporting young people through normalising self-doubt. Research by the Prince’s Trust foundation shows that in the wake of the pandemic and economic uncertainty, 74% of UK 18-30 year olds face daily concerns around their future and 34% have no confidence that they will meet personal and professional goals.

Cadbury wants to normalise doubts and worries that young people feel by encouraging conversation amongst the British public. The campaign features celebrities such as Ian Wright, Helen Mirren, Ellie Simmonds and Big Zuu who all share their insecurities and misgivings, showcasing struggles don’t have to hold them back.

This is Cadbury’s second initiative that taps into societal struggles. In 2020, the brand launched ‘Donate your Words’ to help elderly people fighting loneliness during the pandemic in partnership with Age UK, ‘Give a Doubt’ is their youth-focussed approach to this topic

As marketers we often talk about being a force for good. Consumers seek brands that stand for something, especially in during economic crisis. Cadbury’s is a great example of doing that. To drive participation and “walk the walk” the campaign will offer four individuals the chance to have an honest skype chat with celebrities to discuss their doubts, and how they have overcome them. For more resources visit the Give A doubt hub here.