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Adobe Journey Optimizer: what does it mean for customer experience transformation?

This week, Adobe announced their new Adobe Experience Cloud application – Adobe Journey Optimizer. As a Platinum Partner in the Adobe Solution Partner Program, Merkle has been tightly involved in the development process of this technology over the last six months via Adobe’s Private Alpha and Beta Programmes. Together with our partners at Signify and other organisations, we have provided knowledge-sharing, analysis and requests for new features to make this the leading customer experience management solution.

In today’s blog, we’ll share what this new offering means for Merkle and the future of CX transformation - what is it, how it works and why it is important for today’s marketer.

What is Adobe Journey Optimizer?

CJO Interface

In today’s world, consumers expect us to know and understand them and their needs, and be able to interact with them on-demand through any channel consistently. They expect a seamless customer experience, no matter where they are in their journey with us.

Think of booking your next holiday online, receiving your confirmation details and any relevant offers for your trip by email, pre-checking in via an app and planning your stay, and then checking in at the hotel in person. You expect a smooth flow through these channels, where the check-in desk already knows that the reason for your trip is leisure and relaxation and they’ve maybe even booked you a room in a quiet corner of the hotel with a free massage as a welcome gift if you are already one of their loyalty customers.

Adobe Journey Optimizer is an end-to-end customer experience solution that enables organisations to reach this level of customer experience management. It allows you to:

  • Collect and harness real-time digital data and load batch offline data.
  • Stitch that previously siloed data together and build a unified customer view that updates your customers’ profiles in real time with each step that they take in their journey.
  • Store, edit and access digital data assets to use in future campaigns.
  • Create and deliver multi-channel 1:1 customer experiences that are truly joined up whilst also facilitating traditional, audience-based batch campaigns where required.
  • Report back on your customers’ journeys and learn what works and what doesn’t.
Personalising the total customer experience

How is this possible?

This is made possible due to several technical innovations and a new technical architecture foundation, supported by years of research and development, innovation, and Adobe’s extensive experience.

Under the hood, Adobe Journey Optimizer has leant on the foundation of Adobe Experience Platform and its data management capabilities. Adobe have also leveraged their expertise with content creation and design roots with their drag and drop email designer, and embedded Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essential to easily bring asset management to the fingertips of the channel and lifecycle marketers.

Driving this foundation is the evolution of it’s journey management system. It is then further powered by a brand-new execution engine that allows for multi-million messages per minute via a new burst messaging functionality. Similarly, thanks to a new offer engine, the solution can stitch data with content on a 1:1 basis, delivering personal experience and relevancy.

And all of this is packaged and deployed through a new reimagined UI making it an intuitive and easy to use solution that reduces time to value for new adopters.

What does this mean for my organisation?

Adobe Journey Optimizer enables some of the deeply sought-after (and long talked about) holy grails of marketing. These include:

  • Speed of Action – Being able to react in real-time to your customer’s journeys and personalise their experience.
  • Relevance – Sending the right offer at the right time to the right person.
  • Reach –  Learning more about your customers with their every step and being able to seamlessly guide them through their journey across channels.
  • Simplicity – Streamlining your customers’ journeys, understanding what works and what doesn’t and making it better every day.
AJO Technology Enablers

If any of the above sounds like something your organisation would like to achieve, or has tried to, but hasn’t been able to due to the technical limitations of your current solution stack, Adobe Journey Optimizer should be considered as a potential solution.

What’s next?

Adobe Journey Optimizer is planned for GA release in June 2021. In the meantime, Merkle will continue to provide Adobe with feedback where necessary so that everyone can soon use Adobe Journey Optimizer to push their customer experience management to the next level.

As part of the GA release, Merkle will further produce a series of webinars and blog posts where we will deep dive specific functionalities, use cases and customer benefits.

If you have any questions on how this can help your organisation please reach out to our experts.