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Latest Posts

Three Reasons Ethical AI Needs to Be On Your Roadmap

As artificial intelligence's role in marketing grows, organizations need to make sure it's used responsibly. Learn three key reasons your company needs to build an ethical AI strategy.

What Marketers Want & How Promotions Can Help

At a time when stakes are high for brands as they face radical changes in consumer behavior, economic climate, and more, a ton falls on the marketing department to meet new and demanding business outcomes. So what's the answer? Promotions. Read this blog for seven reasons marketers should keep promotions top-of-mind and tangible ways to utilize them.

How to Measure App Performance in a Privacy-Centric World

Mobile apps are an important channel within many brands’ digital footprints, but the iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency updates have created challenges for brands seeking to measure app behaviors and performance. Learn how marketers can effectively connect the dots between media and customer actions to optimize ad spend accordingly.

3 Levels for Reaching Today’s Consumers with Your Messaging Strategy

While 40 percent of the population (millennials and Gen Z) grew up with phones in their hands, most brands haven’t built a digital-first messaging strategy that meets the expectations of today’s consumers. And to make it more challenging, marketers are solving for these new problems with fewer resources. The question is, where do we go from here? Read this blog to find out.
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