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Latest Posts

Three Key Takeaways from Transform with Google

Transform with Google brought together thought leaders from across the marketing world. Learn about the key themes that emerged throughout the day.

Don’t Know What’s Coming Next? Good: How The Rules of Improv Comedy Will Make Your Creative Life Better

So, how do we – creative people I mean – keep on coming up with ideas day in and day out? It’s not magic, it’s not some secret instruction book we’ve all read, and it’s not divine intervention. Coming up with ideas is work. But it’s work we can ALL learn how to do if we are willing to better listen to ourselves and our creative partners.

How Solid’s ‘Privacy by Design’ Could Replace Third-Party Cookies

Another replacement for third-party cookies has entered the chat – this time it’s not just beefing up existing strategies (like collecting more first-party data) or improving security around first-party data (clean rooms). Solid data pods securely store first-party data in pods controlled by the individual.

B2B Advertising: Starting to Feel Something

B2B purchasing decisions have historically been considered highly rational. Read to learn why it's time for marketers to bring more emotion to B2B experiences.

I Am Merkle: January

At Merkle, our DEI team is thrilled to unveil two innovative internal programs that are sure to help our employees reach new heights in both their personal and professional lives. This month in I Am Merkle, we talk with team members who are participating in these programs this year.
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