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What to Consider When Selecting a People-based Marketing Partner

Implementing people-based, marketing (PBM) requires a combination of business integration services providers, solution providers, and agencies/marketing services providers. While a single partner may fill multiple roles, brands must balance the need for cohesion across selection, implementation, and use of PBM capabilities, with the need for multiple and highly specialized partners.

Business Integration Services                         

Business integrators, or consultancies, typically focus on the transformative aspects of PBM solutions, including change readiness and management, process redesign, and benefits realization planning.  A strong partner will have a methodology and process to meet your needs, ensure that the solution is actionable, and have a strong delivery team with a combination of functional knowledge and deep subject matter expertise.

Solution Providers

With continued consolidation in marketing solutions, you may believe that the process of selecting PBM tools is becoming simpler. But selection can actually be complicated due to the rise of point solutions, the availability of software as a service (SaaS), and the complexities that are presented by solutions that require integration into a larger suite. To select the right tools, and to do so efficiently, you must:

  • Start with an understanding of your business
  • Articulate your marketing needs within that business
  • Develop an overall strategic blueprint of the entire technology ecosystem needed
  • Engage a vendor-selection expert to run the process for the organization

Agencies/Marketing Service Providers

Agencies are often the end users of the tools, technology, and data, so having one involved from the beginning of your PBM implementation or enhancement is ideal. The right agency will possess the following:

  • A firm grasp of data and analytics as a starting point
  • An ability to understand and deliver on omni-channel journeys
  • Performance media and creative planning, execution, and measurement across digital (and offline)
  • A philosophy of starting small, while testing into bigger strategic solutions

Keeping up with modern marketing does not need to be daunting!  With a clear understanding of your business and by selecting the right partner(s), you can plan, build, and implement people-based marketing with future-ready solutions that are ready to use now.

To learn more about PBM partner considerations, download People-Based Marketing: CRM in the Digital Age.