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The Strategy to Scale Personalization with The Adobe Stack

Personalization is a priority for marketers with the goal of providing better experience to consumers. An experience that is relevant and has timely offers evokes meaningful connections enabling actions which benefits both the consumer and the brand.

Are you a customer-obsessed brand and are looking to bet big on personalization at scale? Are you looking to unlock greater customer engagement, revenue growth and brand loyalty, marketing? Today CX leaders face urgent decisions on just where, when, and how to place those bets.

In our upcoming session at Adobe Summit 2022, S805: Lessons from the Leading Edge of Personalization at Scale, we will share insights and solutions from our work helping brands mature from channel-based campaign management to fully integrated, journey-based CX. 

In our session, you will learn:

  • What it means to deliver personalization at scale?
  • Why you need personalization at scale?
  • How can you achieve personalization at scale?
  • Where do you start and how to create a business case?

Here are some takeaways that you will expect to hear more on in our session:

Powered by data, analytics, and technology, brands want to deliver personalization to be proactive and drive the most value to exceed customer needs. Brands want to make customer interactions convenient, easy, frictionless, and meet customers at any point in their journey.

There is a large gap between how brands believe they are providing a better experience and how consumers feel. “While 80% of companies believe they deliver “superior experiences,” only 8% of customers agree... that means there is tremendous opportunity to disrupt a competitor or gain market share in an industry. In Customer Experience is the new brand”, Shep Hyken states that “Focusing on customer experience management (CXM) may be the single most important investment a brand can make in today’s competitive business climate.”

Even with the latest innovations in strategy and tech, marketers’ job of orchestrating and activating data into positive experiences does not change. So, what new technologies are available and how can you utilize them to better achieve personalization at scale?

Adobe Makes Personalization Simpler

With Adobe introducing several new products and rebranding others, one of the questions we have often been asked is about what capabilities are provided by each product?

We have shared some of insights on our blog, What are Adobe’s AEP and Real-time CDP? With two new products, Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) and Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), lets update you on each product’s capabilities and its value.

Summary or each product and its value:

  • Adobe Experience Platform: is the base platform that handles identity, data collection, and segmentation.
  • Real-time CDP (RT-CDP): centralizes segmentation by activating to all channels. Examples include paid media and Adobe Target.
  • Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO): handles customer journeys with offer decisioning for email, SMS, and app channels.
  • Customer Journey Analytics: provides you the ability to bring offline data, analyze and find actionable insights for use by RT-CDP, AJO, and other activation layer applications and platforms.

Key Use Cases

One or more of the products and technologies above can help bring your marketing efforts to the next level. As an example, for retailers, an abandoned cart journey can go beyond a simple journey to one that continues to listen for consumers behaviors, signals, and even offline purchases.

Often, the abandon journey for most organizations starts when an item is added to cart but not purchased. However (especially for high value products), it’s important to take into account customers ongoing interests based on the products they are browsing other than initial item.

You can also automate the next best action. For example, target through the customer’s preferred channel, customize an offer to increase engagement or stop retargeting ads right after a purchase. Further with Customer Journey Analytics and real-time feeds from an offline store, you can now avoid sending a coupon offer to someone that may have already purchased that item at the store.

Abandoned Cart visual

Achieving personalization at scale means delivering the brand promise to the customers. In doing so, many organizations struggle with having a defined starting and winning path and building the business case around it. There are multiple paths to solve which depend on the maturity of your organization and north star for digital transformation. The key is to create a virtuous cycle of value exchange with the customer following the principles around organization, data, content, technology, and measurement readiness. In this session, we will also share a real-world example where we successfully drove digital transformation for a global organization and proved ROI through meaningful customer journeys.

Key Takeaways

If you are considering Adobe Experience Platform, Customer Journey Analytics, or Journey Optimizer, join us as we share our expertise from implementing these solutions for leading brands. See our sessions here