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Blog - Promotions & Customer Loyalty Solutions

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Last-Minute Engagement Promotions for the Holidays

If you’re looking to fill any gaps in your Q4 planning, there is still time to launch a chance-to-win promotion for the holidays that will help you drive excitement and purchase, utilize any extra or leftover budget, and collect zero- and first-party data to learn more about customers. Read this blog for three ways to plan last-minute chance-to-win holiday promotions.

Building Loyalty Requires More Than a Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty Barometer Report covers emerging loyalty topics and examines how consumer mindsets are shifting, so brands can ensure their customer strategies are current and relevant. In the fifth annual report, we took an expanded view of loyalty, looking at how consumers feel about loyalty programs and understanding their view of loyalty within the customer experience and brand messaging. Let’s take a look at how consumers responded to our survey questions about what makes them loyal to a brand, and what this means for you as a marketer.

Promotional Content Hubs for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Some brands may not have the ability to invest in integrating a full loyalty program into their ecosystem, and they are left wondering if there are options that could help bridge that gap between simple transactions and a full-scale loyalty program. The answer is a custom content hub that emulates the same principals and mechanics of a loyalty program while not requiring the same levels of investment nor tech integration.

What Marketers Want & How Promotions Can Help

At a time when stakes are high for brands as they face radical changes in consumer behavior, economic climate, and more, a ton falls on the marketing department to meet new and demanding business outcomes. So what's the answer? Promotions. Read this blog for seven reasons marketers should keep promotions top-of-mind and tangible ways to utilize them.

NFTs Beyond the Hype: How to Put Non-Fungible Tokens to Work for Your Brand

Non-fungible token (NFT) is the undeniable techie buzz phrase of 2022. You can’t open a news source or your favorite social media platform without seeing someone waxing poetic about NFTs. They have clearly captured the attention of the crypto savvy, but what might NFTs mean for a brand and a brand’s loyal customers? How can brands get in on this $40+ billion dollar industry? The answers may surprise you.

The Luck Factor in Gamification

Giving people a gamified experience and a chance to win sparks joy and preference for a brand. These are welcomed mini moments of escapism. Lucky winners will forever talk about “that one time” they won cool prizes, a dream vacation, or cold hard cash. Read this blog to learn how gamification tactics can make an impact and build an emotional connection with your brand.

Customer Experience Trends to Expect in 2022: Part One

While marketers made every effort to create convenient online experiences amidst the pandemic, it’s time to get proactive in 2022. Hear from Merkle Commerce, Digital Experience, Digital Messaging, and Promotions & Loyalty teams for key components to marketing success in 2022.
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