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Blog - Digital Strategy

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How to Share: B2B and B2C Make Amends

Traditionally, B2B marketers take their cues from B2C. But the relationship can go both ways. Here are three things B2B marketing can teach its B2C brethren.

People-based Marketing: A New Inflection Point in a Long History

The fabled history of people-based marketing (PBM) for pharmaceutical marketers began with direct marketing in the '90s, well before the first consumer broadcast television ad was used in 1998 (remember Claritin DTC!). CMOs since then have challenged marketing teams to weigh two strategies:

Orchestration: Campaign vs. Interaction

Broad campaigns and highly tailored customer interactions both have their place. Here's how marketers should balance the delicate dance.

Personalization at Merkle

Acronyms like DMP (data management platform), DOP (decision orchestration platform), and CMS (content management system) that enable personalization have made it even harder to define the service in an industry already saturated with buzzwords and acronyms. Here's a little bit of clarity.

Drive Profits with Personalized Experiences in Health

There's no better way to accomplish brand immersion than through personalization. The opportunities surrounding personalization outside of healthcare have been significant, with a "300% improvement in lifetime value, and 77% of shoppers making additional purchases when provided with personalized product recommendations” according to CEOBiz.com. Consumers’ expectations have been set by the Googles and Amazons, and healthcare marketers need to keep raising the bar.

Navigating Digital Tech is Like Parallel Parking

Do you remember the first time you tried to parallel park? For some people it was their worst nightmare, like the image to the left. However, once you learn the right techniques from an experienced driver, it becomes easier.
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