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Blog - Digital Strategy

Latest Posts

Still Only Relying on Demographic Data?

Age, gender, income, and number of children. Those are your basic demographics, and although they are very important factors, they are far from being the only ones that matter. Let’s pretend that demographic data is like dating.

Behind the Last Millisecond

Delivering relevant content at the right time becomes exceedingly complex with increasing sophistication in data. Here's how to start thinking about measuring content's efficiency and effectiveness.

Are You Buried Alive in Data Debt?

Scalable personalized experiences aren't possible without a clear marketing tech roadmap. Here are four key things to know to avoid data debt.

One Size Fits All is Dead

The statistic “8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months” is not a new one. We know that a massive 80% of new businesses will crash and burn – this is expected.

How to Define Customer Strategy with your Organization

Virtually all of us would agree on the importance of customer centricity and a robust customer strategy. A well designed customer strategy improves lead generation, acquisition, cross-selling, and retention rates by delivering differentiated experiences consistently across all customer touchpoints.
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