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How to Overcome Key Roadblocks to Personalization at Scale

In our recently published playbook, Mastering Identity & Insights with Adobe, we looked at the dangers that disconnected, clumsy customer experiences pose to brands and business outcomes. Delivering deeply personal and contextual experiences – the kind that build loyalty, higher lifetime value, and stronger competitive advantage – requires a superior understanding of customer data, sophisticated marketing technology, and a commitment to excellence. When done well, personalization at scale can be a powerful tool for any brand looking to create meaningful customer relationships.

To achieve and get value out of technology investments, you need a strong foundation that is built on data and has key enablers of identity and insights. Let’s look at a few of the key challenges and solutions for marketers.

Identity Must Be Part of Data Management

Experience-focused marketers are challenged by a partial view of their customers and obsolete data. This can be solved by bringing together offline and online data that can be resolved and stitched, creating unified data that provides a real-time holistic view of the customer’s preferences, signals, and behaviors.

In our blog post, How to Align Adobe RT-CDP Capabilities Across Your Organization, we shared that one of the most powerful capabilities within the foundation layer of Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform is ingesting identity fields across numerous sources to create an owned identity graph and holistic customer profile. In Key Steps to Mastering Personalization at Scale, we made a case that personalization requires a strong data foundation. Consumers want to be addressed as more than a data point and personalization means using that data to make the customer’s experience more relevant for them. 

Analyze Performance Across All Channels

An incomplete view of experience that provides inaccurate or partial insights on channel performance is a common challenge. Having all data in a singular cloud platform allows your organization to visualize the entire customer journey and identify any friction points.

Adobe’s Customer Journey Analytics is a service built on Adobe Experience Platform that lets marketers connect data from every channel into a single interface for real-time, omnichannel analysis and visualization.

Standardize and Unify Customer Data

Fragmented customer identities and inaccurate audience profiles and segments lead to delayed reactions and data governance and security compliance challenges. Organizations can solve these challenges by standardizing and unifying data to include actionable, real-time cross channel information that can be activated with privacy in mind.

Adobe’s Real-Time CDP unifies data from multiple sources and gives marketers a holistic customer view and the ability to activate personalized experiences across channels in real time.

Anticipate Activation Opportunities

Experience-focused marketers are also challenged with disjointed processes and over-complicated data management practices, resulting in a fragmented view of the customer. Think through your customer’s journey and how it can be simplified. This allows for holistic campaign management that expands for all channels where content, offers, and experiences can be dynamically personalized.

Adobe’s Journey Optimizer (AJO) is an end-to-end, cloud-native solution that enables enterprises to build, orchestrate, and deliver seamless, omnichannel customer experiences that are personalized in real time.

Adobe provides a flexible experience platform

Adobe solutions

With Adobe introducing several new products and services, we now have an integrated platform that provides capabilities to deliver data-led personalization and creates solutions to help solve these key challenges. Each platform below can be deployed independently or together, unlocking a new level of potential by putting data and insights at the center of customer experience.

Want to learn more? Check out our new playbook, Mastering Identity & Insights with Adobe to understand how to avoid a disconnected journey, the imperatives to get personalization right, and key pillars of personalization in a data-led world.