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Does Your DMP Have an Expert Driver?

In the growing sphere of managing marketing data, it’s vital to address organizational data management platform (DMP) and audience management needs.

One way to answer these questions is with an analogy of a race car and its driver. Think of a DMP as the race car or a high-performance technology platform and the management component a race car driver. The DMP is the central point of digital marketing data strategy, and for flawless execution, you need an experienced driver that has driven top race cars in the industry and on many different tracks. The top-notch driver possesses an understanding of an organization's industry and “road conditions,” knows how to align these factors with the proper platform, and can optimize configuration, connection, and operation of the “car” for best performance.

The expert driver can enable several key areas of value:


The expert driver would understand the current landscape of the industry and would map to a future integrated state and be able to assess data quality, integrity, taxonomy, and audience review. This type of assessment enables organizations to better understand how and what data the DMP can leverage in a meaningful and efficient way.


The expert would ensure the right support in platform evaluation and leverage the right resources with the proper facet of experience in operating and evaluating many leading platforms. This process puts the organization in the best position to align current needs with the platform that best meets organizational goals and challenges.   


Once the platform is launched, operation and maintenance are critical to leveraging the right data in market. The right resources should not just maintain the performance, but be in the position to adapt the platform to dynamic changes in business landscape and ongoing audience analysis.


Identifying and leveraging data is essential. Simply having data in the platform will not lead to better results. In the vast sea of organizational data, the right expert has the ability to identify the correct data, leverage the data in the manner that best fits the business objective, then activate the data in innovative use cases.


Integration of DMP with channel decisioning platforms is important. The DMP is the gateway to making better data-driven decisions across channels, but the ability to make this data actionable in digital and offline channels requires integration with decisioning engines. From site decisions to DSP, from call centers to direct mail, an expert team can manage and put your data in market so your organization can see actionable results.

We see that most organizations can drive the car around the track without major issues; what most organizations lack is the knowledge and experience in operating different types of cars, tracks, and conditions powering the best performance at high speed. What is needed is an expert team of drivers enabling the organization to race.