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Is it Time for a Martech Upgrade? 3 Steps to Understand the Path Forward

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The Future of Identity in Customer Experience Management

The depreciation of third-party cookies intensifies by the day, and with it comes confusion about the future of identity and the idea of addressability as we know it. In this paper, we’ll discuss the key questions that organisations need to answer as soon as possible to keep above water in this new world.
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When Should You Build vs. Buy Martech?

When marketers and IT folks think about whether to build or buy a customer experience (CX) platform or capability, there are usually obvious reasons to do one or the other. As an economist by training, I tend to think of this choice in terms of what kind of market exists for a capability. When to Buy:
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The Cloud-Based Future of Customer Experiences in Healthcare

Customers demand better experiences from the companies with whom they interact, regardless of the industry. While the healthcare industry is unique in some important ways, it is also feeling the pressure to deliver more personalised and relevant experiences to its customers.