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Should I build a CDP, or buy?

An initial key question for many enterprise-level brands is whether to build a CDP from scratch, or whether to buy off the shelf to start with. Building a CDP yourself allows the creation of a bespoke platform, but this can be lengthy and expensive.
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Getting Your KPI Ducks in a Row

You’ll often hear that Marketing and Sales teams need to work more closely together to reach a common business goal. But what if the Marketing teams themselves aren’t aligned within each division or segment?
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Merkle’s Evolution, From Direct to Digital

When Merkle launched as a direct and database marketing agency 30 years ago, it had no idea how relevant these skill sets would be to digital marketing in the future.
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Putting Identity at The Center of Your Customer Strategy

dentity is the foundation for personalization and is the core differentiator you'll need to deliver the total customer experience. Without knowing who your customers are at every interaction, it becomes virtually impossible to treat them as individuals with unique interests and preferences.
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I am not a resource

We have adhered to a rule in our team at Merkle for some time where we do not refer to each other as a ‘resource’. If we do – it is a dollar in the jar.