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Latest Posts

Loyalty Experience Management

The amount of rebate a brand gives back to consumers, is a key determinant of loyalty program participation. In fact, consumer research we have worked on at Merkle1 shows that the main reason consumers participate in loyalty programs is for discounts (39%) followed by free products (30%).

Creating Impactful Post-purchase Experiences

Customer acquisition strategies can be costly, and it will always be cheaper and easier to convert an existing customer than to convert a brand-new customer. With this in mind, it is becoming clear that brands should prioritise customer retention as they grapple with ever-changing consumer trends.

Roadmap for Implementing an Intelligent Data Lake

An intelligent data lake is a central, structured, and integrated database. It’s where you can obtain information through analyses and then make informed decisions. For marketers, the data lake solves the challenge of providing the total customer experience, by answering several questions:

Where to Focus Your Efforts for Customer Experience Transformation

While the digital transformation race is still on and the pressure to change your organisation remains daunting, “think like the customer, understand what they want, how they want it and when they want it…” is the fundamental point. A business is still a business and the business still need to sell products.

2021 Imperatives for the Health Marketer

Each year, Merkle refines and distills of our learning, vision, and experience with clients from numerous industries. Since 2012, our Imperatives Series has served as a guide for creating competitive differentiation through marketing strategies that revolve around the customer.

How to Work Technical Capabilities Into Your Cloud Strategy

The previous post talked about the early stage of cloud planning. Now, let’s discuss when cloud planning starts to get real by using a specific example to tell that story. At the end of cloud planning, you start to dive into the first pilot project that will launch your cloud initiative.

A New Formula for Winning in the 2021 Insurance Market

For Insurance and Wealth Management marketers, the prevailing trends that existed before the pandemic were not sidetracked but, instead, were accelerated by an industry that took stock of the unparalleled change caused by the pandemic and generally took the opportunity to re-think strategy.

What is identity resolution?

You have probably heard the terms customer data integration (CDI), ID stitching, and ID management all thrown around somewhat interchangeably. The reality is these are all pieces of the pie known as ID resolution.