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Is Multi-Touch Attribution Dead?

Is Multi-Touch Attribution dead? This is a question I often get asked as a marketing analytics professional. Mostly the question is posed by clients wanting to know the next silver bullet or the next investment they should be making in understanding how they track those returns from advertising.

How to Inject Humanity into B2B Marketing

B2B buyers will be, and always have been humans with emotions. Despite this, B2B marketers have not always woven this information into their strategies.

Customer Experience Trends to Expect in 2022: Part One

While marketers made every effort to create convenient online experiences amidst the pandemic, it’s time to get proactive in 2022. Hear from Merkle Commerce, Digital Experience, Digital Messaging, and Promotions & Loyalty teams for key components to marketing success in 2022

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It is but natural that in any commercial transaction, every party strives to maximise own value. While loyalty programs create preference, they are unable to keep customers faithful, when it goes against this commercial interest. Then, you ask, what is the true purpose of a loyalty program?

How to Build a Successful Marketing Technology Roadmap

Technology is an ever-changing landscape that shows no signs of slowing down — especially when it comes to customer experience and marketing. It can be hard to update your current solutions and balance your organisation’s goals with the legacy platforms (even those only three years old) that exist today.