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TÜV Rheinland uncovers single source of marketing truth with centralized data across 1,800 activities


TÜV Rheinland faced the challenge of collecting, consolidating and analyzing data as their media mix and digital attributions were assigned to separate providers. 

Insight generation was performed through excel pivot tables and a lot of time was spent on processing data, analyzing and reporting, with little time for strategic planning.


“We are very happy with the speed of implementation and the agility of this new integrated solution. The data platform removed the need for excels and was scaled across 28 regional markets. I had a good working relationship with Merkle, as they constantly challenged our status quo to improve our marketing efficiency,” commented Jane Lim, Regional Director of Marketing & Communications, APAC IMEA, TÜV Rheinland.

“It was a delight to partner with TÜV Rheinland as they were open to suggestions and new ways of working. Merkle was able to leverage our expertise to implement a unified data warehouse that improved their marketing performance and served their needs. We also conducted a comprehensive review of their sales and marketing processes and made suggestions to further segment the stages of their sales pipeline for tracking and improved their reporting processes for their email campaigns,” Sanchit Mendiratta, Managing Director of Merkle Singapore, added. 


A single integrated solution was set up quickly and functioning within a few weeks. It combined multiple attribution models, top-down and bottom-up, as well as customer journey analysis for unified measurement and scenario planning.

A database environment was created to centralise multiple, disparate marketing data sources.

Insights were delivered by applying the industry’s leading reporting and analytics tools into a data lake.

The core reporting capabilities include: 

  • data standards that supported rapid onboarding and insights
  • templates that helped the marketing team focus on the metrics that matter
  • customisations that enabled increased resonance with TÜV Rheinland 
  • constant optimisations that allowed internal resources to shift their focus away from reporting to concentrate on strategic planning


Data for 600 global, regional and local campaigns and 1,800 marketing activities across 11 channels (paid media, customer relationship management and lead management etc) was collected, consolidated and combined into a single view


Hours saved monthly with live reporting from the single integrated solution.


Improvement in reporting efficiency and ability to harness right data in real-time.


dashboards for 600 campaigns for 23 teammates in one view


Faster in speed of data access

Keys to success

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