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Fortune 50 Mobile B2B Retailer Delivers a People-Based Experience with Adobe Experience Cloud


The client wanted to increase share of in-market mobile phone shoppers for its Business to Business unit — The goal was to specifically segment customers within the propensity segments (upgrader, small-to-medium sized businesses). The tactic was to combine enthused messaging and site creative strategy to identify and align with each audiences’ specific business interests.


Merkle in partnership with the Mobile B2B retailer’s .COM team aimed to increase incremental revenue impact via experience engineering and targeted cross-sell and up-sell efforts by:

  • Identifying the areas that showed most significant audience segments across platforms.
  • Assessing segments that can be leveraged in real time across their marketing and advertising tech stack.
  • Prioritizing segment experiences to avoid collision, so the most meaningful and high-impact segments were presented with relevant creative and messaging.

Merkle acting as an extension of the Mobile B2B retailer’s team ensured that the experiences were mapped to accommodate the complexities of the client’s adtech and martech framework.

Merkle conducted a market sizing and opportunity assessment to ensure that the most meaningful segments are now presented with the right message without reducing margins and cannibalizing revenue from other segments.

Lastly, Merkle integrated the Martech components (Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud) with the Adtech components (Marketing Automation, and Media) to enginneer experiences at a segment and Account level to enable personalized messaging.



increase in revenue per visit


increase in engagement


different variations of real-time site creative after launch


unique audiences created across newer version mobile phones, with 20 creative variations in real time

Keys to success

  • Developed audience, creative, and messaging approach unique to each audience at the wire-frame level
  • Segmented unique audiences by creative, offer, and content
  • Enabled a cross-channel audience strategy at scale, to ensure that users are served with the right experience to drive impact

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