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How Personal is too Personal: Why consumers want personalized, authentic experiences without giving too much up

Original Presentation Date

Aug 25, 2020

Key Takeaways

Detailed Overview

In this webinar, we’ll explore consumers’ perceptions of how brands utilize consumer data to enable personalized experiences – a vital component of success for modern marketers. But where is the line drawn between personalization and privacy? What do consumers expect from a hyper-personalized brand experience, and what are they willing to provide to gain it? The truth lies in the middle-ground; we recognize that brands might know more about us than we’d like them to (but we’re ok with it, to an extent).

Attendees will learn the give-and-take reality of how consumers expect brands to deliver on the data they collect, and what types of data are perceived to be most and least invasive. Similarly, we’ll dissect the intersection between response strategy, authenticity and respect, shedding light onto how consumers perceive brands’ response strategies in times of crisis, and how they can show up more authentically for their disparate audiences.


Michael Adamson

Sr. Manager, Experience Strategy, Merkle

Allison Blackman

Research & Brand Strategist, Merkle

Morgan Hitz

Experience & Brand Strategist, Customer Experience, Merkle

Rives Martin

Consumer Insights Manager, Merkle