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Words of a Merkle Intern: Summer SEO Internship

Wondering what it’s like to intern with Merkle? Liz Fontana, 2015 SEO intern, has this to say about her experience:

Last summer I spent 10 weeks in Bend, Oregon interning at Merkle as an SEO Specialist. Coming into the internship, I had a very basic understanding about what search engine optimization entailed. My desire was to immerse myself in the digital world and learn about a subject matter I could never fully be exposed to in college. 

My duties as an intern ranged from optimizing websites and providing content research to analyzing data and composing an SEO audit for a local client. It didn't matter that I had limited SEO experience, because the program provided digital marketing education along with practical experience. I learned an incredible amount of information in 10 weeks relating to search engine optimization, paid search, and display advertising. I was also impressed with my supervisor's commitment to have me participate in as many workshops as possible. It gave me a sense of appreciation and respect as an intern. I was working full time, but this commitment showed he genuinely cared about my education as well.

Merkle's interns get an opportunity to give back, volunteering as part of their experience

As part of their internship experience, interns in Bend volunteered over the summer.  

In my opinion, the most positive component of this program was the mentorship. As an intern, I was assigned a mentor to whom I reported my progress on a weekly basis, as well as any struggles or specific task requests. Christian was my mentor, and he was extremely helpful in not only making sure that I stayed busy, but that I was doing meaningful work in my areas of interest. 

I left the internship with a certificate in Google Analytics, an understanding of website optimization, and a strong appreciation of SEO. Currently I’m attending graduate school at Northwestern, and my internship with Merkle certainly solidified my goal to work in digital marketing upon graduation.

If you are interested in an internship with Merkle, please contact Amber Hanson-Rumbaugh at [email protected] or visit our careers page under “Internship and Graduate.”

Liz Fontana interned with Merkle upon her graduation from Florida State University in May 2015. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University.