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Who Will Come Out on Top? A Digital Bowl Prediction

As the biggest football game of the year approaches, fans eagerly ready their Super Bowl parties while advertisers prepare their digital campaigns.

No Super Bowl advertising strategy is complete without a well planned and executed digital marketing campaign to back an advertiser’s television commercial. Each year, Merkle evaluates the digital campaigns of these advertisers across paid search, organic search, social media, and digital media to determine which advertisers are best supporting their television commercials via online channels. Here are some of the top advertisers we are expecting to shine with great digital performance this year:


Olay won the Digital Bowl last year with strong performance across all channels, making it an obvious choice to look out for this year. This year’s Olay commercial inspired by the recent all-female spacewalk is likely to stir some positive buzz across social media. Last year, Olay was able to successfully engage with its base throughout the game on social media and even had a landing page themed with the Super Bowl. These tactics landed Olay in the top 10 list across all four digital bowl strategies last year, making Olay an advertiser to watch this Sunday.

Avocados from Mexico

Avocados from Mexico (AM) has been a strong contender during the past four years of the Digital Bowl and it is very likely AM will continue its digital performance trend. Last year, while placing first across paid search and SEO, AM was unable to maintain its high-ranking status with social despite real-time engagement with customers and brands, nor was AM able to compliment this strategy with a strong display presence. In spite of these challenges, AM might be the one to beat this year.

Turbo Tax

Turbo Tax has always been a strong contender in the Digital Bowl, even placing first in 2016, before falling off the rankings last year. While performing well across media and SEO, Turbo Tax fell to 10th spot on social media and did not crack the top ten in paid search. If Turbo Tax is able to correct its paid search strategy for the 2020 Bowl along with increasing its social media presence, Turbo Tax is likely going to find a spot in the top overall rankings this year.

Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg

Although the Digital Bowl does not cover political advertising, we would be remised to not acknowledge the Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg campaigns purchase of Super Bowl ad space. Based upon the historical savviness of both campaigns, we expect a robust turnout across digital media.

While we have five strong contenders above, there are many other advertisers that also have a strong digital presence. High ranking advertisers in the past have included Stella Artois, Budweiser, and Sprint. Just like the actual Super Bowl, it all comes down to how each advertiser performs when it’s game time.

For now, It’s anyone’s game!