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What You Need to Know About Facebook Carousel

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just getting started, Facebook’s Ad platform should be a staple in any strategic media plan. In early 2019, Facebook rolled out Placement Asset Customization (PAC) which allowed advertisers to create custom placements for creative in a single ad, but one thing was missing: PAC for Carousel. Fortunately for planners and buyers everywhere, Facebook heard our call and as of June 1, 2020, PAC for Carousel has been rolled out to 100% of advertisers!

Facebook Carousel

What is a Carousel ad

The Carousel format lets you display two or more images and/or videos, headlines and links, or calls-to-action in a single ad.

What is Placement Asset Customization 

Placement Asset Customization (PAC) is an easy and efficient way to ensure your ad is optimized for the best creative practices of each placement. Customizing creative by placement ensures that the ad will best match the viewing behavior for that placement while taking advantage of the efficiencies of multiple placements for your campaign. (Source, Facebook)

What it means for advertisers

What was once a distant dream for media buyers, is now a reality. With the launch of PAC for Carousel ads on Facebook, advertisers can now deliver the proper creative sizes without having to create multiple ads within a campaign's ad set. While PAC has been available for single image and video ads for a while now, advertisers have been waiting for Facebook to roll out customization for Carousel.

Best ways to leverage

Let’s talk about the ways to use the new PAC for Carousel:

1. The perfect size for the intended environment

Prior to PAC for Carousel, you could only use a 1:1 image ratio on all placements that delivered carousel creative. Now, you can customize creative sizes to match placements perfectly. 

2. Customize text

Maybe you want the copy on your Facebook ad to be different on the ad delivered on Instagram. Now you can!

3. Save time

Creating individual ads by placement takes time. By using PAC for Carousel, you will save yourself time and energy by only creating one ad instead of multiple ads.

Why is this important?

Having the correct placement size, whether you're using single image, video, and now Carousel ads, helps to increase the relevancy of your ad. By increasing the relevancy of the ad, you will see significant increases in your campaign performance. When your placements are customized to deliver the correct sizes, the media you are delivering will look more native to the environment. The more native your ads look, the less invasive it feels to the user thus, significantly increasing the ads relevancy and performance.

Looking to add Facebook’s newest feature into your Direct Response strategy? Reach out to one of our experts here.