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What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Did you know that we just released a brand-new Amazon Video Series to help you get started on the Amazon ad platform? The series shares best practices that our experts have fine-tuned over years of driving results for brands on Amazon, with each episode lasting only one, easy-to-watch minute. You can find the entire series here.

What is Enhanced Brand Content?

So, what is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC, also known as the A+ tool)? It is an under-utilized feature that provides your brand story to customers. The tool enables you to do this through additional rich images, comparison charts, and product and brand information to help describe your product features in a unique way. Amazon offers multiple Enhanced Brand Content templates to choose from, or you can create a custom template. These templates offer you various ways to structure your content. What works best is dependent upon your unique brand, product, and content.

Why is this important?

Enhanced Brand Content helps to build your brand and product story and gives you an introduction to your customers. By offering this, it educates prospective buyers on your product, so they become more educated and trusting of your brand.  It ultimately helps with conversions.. As a seller, this is your chance to create differentiation and increase ROI of your advertising.

How to get started

To use Enhanced Brand Content, you must be either an approved vendor or a brand registered with Amazon. Once you are approved, you can add EBC to products that are part of your approved brand catalog. Go here to learn more about the Amazon Brand Registry process.

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