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Pharmaceutical Marketing: Are We Making a Difference?

A couple weeks ago I was asked why I like working in the marketing strategy world of pharmaceuticals.

Marketing pharmaceutical products and devices to physicians and patients is the embodiment of many efforts and actions that reach far beyond traditional channels of communication and calls to action. The solutions and tools available to marketers have certainly evolved and I am amazed at our ability to now market one-to-one across specialties and therapeutic categories while honing in on targeting specific messages to individuals when and where they want (and need) it.

While a paycheck is always a nice reason to work, what’s the real reason we do what we do? For me, it’s the impact that my work can make in the world, for a larger cause.

Making an Impact

Pharmaceutical companies are changing the lives of millions of people. While there are many products we work with that have minimal advantages over the alternatives, there are many unique situations that require and benefit from our experience and understanding of the go-to-market strategy. More often, the only market differentiation for a given product is market awareness, the stage in its product lifecycle, familiarity, co-pay, or formulary status. However, there are some significant Rx game changers in play today and many more on the horizon. Working with specific brands in the space of oncology, arthritis, respiratory impairment, dementia/Alzheimer’s, and many other “orphan”, or specialty categories, is where I feel people can make a real difference.

In contrast to the classic approach to any marketing effort, what we really try to do is move the target audience along the continuum from awareness to trial to adoption. As a marketer and strategist, our opportunity is in identifying, educating, and informing at every stage of this journey. This is where we can make a difference, and it’s what gets me excited every day — namely, that we as marketers can make an impact within the journey. Leveraging new channels, new tactics, timing, and cadence will genuinely lead to getting new messages into new hands. Given this fact, every day we are exposed to that very real opportunity that we may reach a physician, patient, or even a care giver who is unaware of a product or therapy. To this end, the likelihood of finding someone whose life may be changed or saved through our efforts is very real, and that is why we do what we do!

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