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Latest Posts

How to Build a Learning Agenda for Creative

In part two of their video series, Making Your Creative Campaigns More Accountable, Emma and Colin walk through five simple steps for creating a learning agenda for your performance creative campaign.

Three Ways to Assess Performance When Year Over Year Doesn’t Work

Our Digital Marketing Report recapping 2nd quarter performance highlighted extreme year over year trends across digital media. Although this trend was expected, it still brings with it a measurement challenge for the many advertisers that use year over year performance as an important performance benchmark. How can we gauge success when comparisons between 2020 and 2021 simply aren’t relevant?

Start Your Holiday Media Planning Now

How do advertisers ensure the most successful creative combinations are shown at each impression to gear up for their holiday strategy?

Key Takeaways from Prime Day 2021

Amazon’s Prime Day came early this year, in June rather than July, causing consumers and retailers to shuffle.

Now is the Time to Prep for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Prime Day is one of the most important events of the year for Amazon advertisers. If you are not yet thinking about how to prepare for Prime Day, now is the time!