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How Marketers Can Fully Leverage the Power of Video

For years I have parroted an old chestnut I heard as a child – I prefer movies over books as there is a lot less reading. As it turns out, I’m not alone.

Since March, subscriptions and streaming volume on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and similar platforms are at an all-time high. Unsurprisingly, today, there is more video content - across more genres for every age group - than ever before.

Smart marketers are already ahead of shifting consumer proclivities toward streaming video and now all marketers need to take this development to heart.

Video strikes emotional chords and can convey empathy and tone. It’s proven to drive a 9X improvement in recall vs. text, which is why I remember Seinfeld quotes from 30 years ago, but struggle to recall an article I read yesterday. And, video has an uncanny knack for taking up a LOT of consumer time; consider your viewing habits over the last few months. But, despite its striking engagement properties, video has historically had significant marketing challenges. It’s been a medium that’s static, focused on mass-audiences - and has been costly to create, manage, and scale. But what if I told you that finally you can leverage video’s engagement power while mitigating those challenges through dynamic, individualization and delivered in real-time and at scale? Merkle, along with our technology partner SundaySky, is doing just that.

We’ve combined real-time data with the power of modularized video. Through these new video-powered experiences (VX), smart marketers can now reach multiple audiences through entertaining video experiences with variable offers and custom individualized messaging – all rendered on the fly – and, again, at scale. Through our modular personalized video solution, smart, data-rich marketers present (and test) deep and relevant content that has uniquely proven to increase both customer engagement and revenue while lowering operating/support costs. VX has proven wildly effective across a spectrum of clientele. Through personalized video we have seen:

  • A bank client used VX to generate an 80% increase in NPS.
  • A retail client used VX to generate a 12X return on ad spend.
  • A wealth management client used VX to generate over 1000% increase in account funding.
  • A telco client reduced bill-related service calls by 47%.
  • A healthcare client used VX to generate an 82% increase in benefits comprehension.
  • An insurance client used VX to generate a 2x higher quote-to-bind conversion rate.

Modular, data-driven video can enhance all legacy nurture/life cycle marketing programs. You can easily integrate/test our VX as a bolt-on to any existing communication stream. But through strategic content that taps into dynamic/rich data to present custom, relevant and persuasive messaging, you will create more engaged customers and prospects who:

  • Connect emotionally
  • Buy more
  • Stay longer
  • Have higher lifetime value
  • Become brand advocates

Understandably, this VX solution is not easily imagined from just this blog post  because there aren’t any streaming visuals accompanying my written words. Easily solved. We have VX samples and case studies we’d love to share with you. Your prospects and customers have changed content consumption preferences out of necessity right now. Have you done anything to make sure they can fully comprehend what you are saying? Merkle has.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us at [email protected]