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How to Make Digital Transformation a Reality

Pulse Check: By now, many of the emerging IT and marketing leaders in your organization have grown up with the Internet, use mobile for almost everything, and are advocating change. I don’t have to educate people on why cloud platforms should be embraced, but rather how a software vendor manages and provides access to its core marketing technology’s application programming interfaces (APIs) and provides platforms on which to build digital experiences. 

It’s time to learn how to provide personalized marketing experiences with speed and start to transform your company online.

Utilizing the right amount of tech

If you’re struggling to identify next steps for your organization’s digital transformation journey, follow these steps:

  1. Download this worksheet. It models the diagram above to help you conduct a cursory audit of both your marketing technology and your enterprise IT technology.
  2. Create a roadmap to fill in the holes in your marketing technology.
  3. Review your customer journeys and look to find data, hopefully provided by your technology stack, to validate its truth.
  4. Run an RFP with agencies to solicit experience ideas based on that data, but don’t waste their time. Arm them with the data so they can propose amazing ideas. 
  5. Enjoy being successful at serving your customers (hopefully even get promoted for all your hard work!)

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Want to learn more? I am hosting a webinar on Digital Transformation on April 16th. Sign up here.