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Getting to Know Lisa White, Merkle's New Capability Lead of Digital Experience

What is your main focus in 2020?

My main focus is to continue growing our Digital Experience business. To do this, we will be focusing on the customer journey and digital transformation for our brands.

How do you think customer expectations are going to change in the next few years?

Customers are increasingly becoming more discriminating about how brands interact with them. The brands that stick out the most are those brands that are providing the right products, recommendations, and messaging to customers at the right time. Artificial intelligence (AI) can provide the personalization, but it’s up to the brand to make the right moves to deliver value to their customers to gain their trust.

What excites you most about Merkle and being part of the team?

The team at Merkle is filled with incredibly smart people who are invested in their clients. I thrive on working with super smart people to solve complicated business problems. Merkle does exactly that, and I am thrilled to be a part of the team!

What brand have you worked with that inspires you the most?

American Express was my client for nine years. Ken Chenault, the CEO, led the company with integrity, humility, and a deep commitment to serving the company’s cardmembers. His example successfully cascaded throughout the organization and to its partners. It was a terrific experience to work with them and see the organization fully engage with its core messages.