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DMP: The Key to Audience-Centric, Cross-Channel Targeting

As marketers, we understand that in order for a brand to successfully interact with its customers online, it must first know how the customers engage with the brand, as well as what it is they expect or need from the brand. Simple enough, right? The recurring problem with this seemingly straightforward strategy, however, is that many companies are unable to distinguish their existing customers from their potential prospects when it comes to the individuals who engage with them across the different digital channels. That’s where a data management platform (DMP) comes into play.

DMPs allow companies to efficiently leverage first-, second-, and third-party data completely across all online channels. The integration of this data allows an advertiser to gain better visibility about the individuals visiting the website and engage with them across digital channels, such as search, display, email, and website. These insights make it finally possible for companies to make accurate distinctions between existing customers and ideal prospects and then deliver personalized and consistent messages to these individuals online.

This search for customer clarity is referred to as “identity resolution.” Successful identity resolution allows companies to transition from product-centric marketing to customer-centric marketing. Companies who wish to adopt this more personalized approach must first gain a deeper understanding of their consumers. They can do so by answering the three W’s:

  • WHO should we target?
  • WHERE should they be targeted?
  • WHAT should we be saying to them from a creative and messaging perspective?

DMPs help companies to gain visibility among their customers and prospects alike, so that they can switch from a one-to-many approach to a one-to-one approach that will help create a truly addressable audience for them.

Want to hear about DMP in action? View the on-demand webinar titled “Citizen’s Bank Case Study: Moving from One-to-Many to One-to-One Customer Experiences” that explores the Citizen’s Bank and Merkle partnership and how the DMP enables a people-based marketing approach for this financial leader.