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Automating Experience Optimization

With today’s numerous touchpoints across online and offline channels and media, there are simply too many options to manually optimize interactions with your digital marketing initiatives one by one.

The only way to achieve the true potential of experience optimization, is with significant automation, using the right model and the right data. When automating an optimization program, we break the process down into five key phases.

  1. Collect data. The volume, variation, and velocity of data determines the richness potential of personalized experiences.
  2. Analyze the data. Leveraging individual and group attributes, models are built to map personalized content delivery to individuals.
  3. Decide what to present. Platforms execute the models, business rules, and machine learnings that power personalized experiences.
  4. Present. The personalized content (copy/creative) is delivered in branded and compelling experiences.
  5. Optimize. Models are optimized over time based upon interactions, predictive engines, attributes, and other relevant data so as to increase the desired performance or conversions.

As you automate these phases of digital marketing optimization, information such as workflows, analytics and foundational data is continually flowing through the program and the decision engine is taking all of these things into account to deliver the right offer, message and treatment to the right device at the right time. Then the optimization process continues as more data about that experience is fed back into the program. Resulting in a personalized and optimized experience for the customer.

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