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UnboxIt, the first app-free smart packaging content platform exclusively from Merkle, is a turnkey solution to automatically connect consumers with content upon the arrival of their purchases.

Shoppers are able to scan a QR code from the package that they receive using their mobile device to engage with online content such as product onboarding, instructions, exclusive experiences, loyalty programs, subscriptions, customer ratings, social media, and more.

UnboxIt is:

  • App-free. Instantly use from any mobile phone, no app required.
  • Turnkey. Launch a solution in weeks with your brand’s design and messaging.
  • Loyalty. Increase customer lifetime value across your audiences.
83 %
the amount that smart packaging has increased worldwide since 2018 (Juniper)
150 %
how much more emotionally connected customers will spend annually vs. regular, satisfied customers (Motista)
40 %
the rise in registrations from brands that make registration easy by using QR codes (uQR.me)
62 %
the amount of retailers that offer benefits within the first week that see ROI within the first six months (Clarus 2021 Loyalty Industry Data Study)

How It Works

1. Unbox

Shoppers receive their delivery at home and find an insert card inside.

2. Scan

Customers scan QR code from the insert with their mobile device.

3. Connect

Retailer’s content instantly launches – no app required.


Speed to market: It’s fast!

  • Launch a test in weeks
  • Immediately connect consumers from package to content
  • Use your brand’s design and messaging
  • Start running A/B tests in no time without a major investment


Easy to use and keep current

Our patent-pending, drag and drop, no-code technology enables retailers to update content in seconds, no matter where the product is sold or shipped. And, they never have to worry about out-of-date printed materials – they can provide consumers an instant connection to the latest tips, trends, and promotions.




Focused on three key content areas

  1. Getting Started – Power up product onboarding experiences
    Help customers activate their onboarding experience with how-to videos, tips, tricks, and trends with customer support information to create a seamless onboarding and after-care experience.
  2. Join the Club – Increase membership, loyalty, and subscriptions
    Activate and launch loyalty programs, membership, or subscriptions upon arrival to increase brand loyalty and recurring revenue from the get-go.
  3. Share the Love – Connect the power of community
    Connect and reward customers for sharing their experiences with their community on social media. Increase customer satisfaction through surprise and delight opportunities.