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Scan & Know, the first in-store, app-free, product recognition technology exclusively from Merkle, empowers shoppers to know more in-store.

Using their own mobile device, shoppers can scan any item in-store to learn more about the product details and price, add items to their wish list and registry, or have the item shipped to their door.

Scan & Know is:

  • App-free. No app, no queuing, and no additional hardware is required.
  • Seamless. Our patent-pending product recognition technology seamlessly integrates into a retailer’s existing website, customer profiles, and loyalty programs.
  • Drive Sales. Increase online sales for out of store or out-of-stock items.

Want to create a VIP, checkout free experience, too? Learn more about our app-free contactless checkout technology that seamlessly integrates into Scan & Know for the ultimate in-store contactless shopping experience.

69 %
of U.S. consumers would rather review a product on their phone than speak with an in-store associate (eMarketer)
74 %
of U.S. consumers use a mobile device for product research while shopping in-store (Statista)
78 %
of U.S. smartphone users will not download an app to continue a transaction (Digital Information World)
150 %
how much more emotionally connected customers will spend annually vs. regular, satisfied customers (Motista)

How It Works

1. Scan

Shoppers scan products in-store with their mobile device.

2. Know

Product content from the retailer launches on-screen.

3. Go

Shoppers can view product details, add items to wish lists and registries, or have them shipped to their door.




Go live quickly

Scan & Know gets you to market quickly with a test in weeks. It includes:

  • Rapid in-store test-and-learn plans
  • Flexible ongoing enhancements and customizations
  • Integrate our app-free contactless checkout technology


Integrate with ecommerce providers

Scan & Know works on major ecommerce platforms such as:

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Adobe Commerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Others in development





Everything Shoppers Need

Scan & Know offers consumers the power to learn more about any product they’re interested in while shopping in physical stores. The app-free amplified assistance means they no longer have to track down store associates, search for in-store hardware that only provides limited information, or manually look up products on their own. From knowing a product’s ingredients to seeing out-of-stock sizes, all consumers have to do is scan.





Meet Your Business Outcomes

Scan & Know helps brands avoid lost sales due to in-store issues such as a lack of customer service or out-of-stock products. Now, brands can improve customer service, increase sales, and customer loyalty without increasing staffing costs or investing in additional hardware. Our patent-pending product-recognition technology has one of the highest scan success rates in the industry at 99.98%, based on data provided by Scandit.