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A commerce solution where not even the sky is the limit

How did Airbus-owned Satair manage to deliver an unprecedented one-stop-shop commerce platform while navigating probably the worst turbulence in the history of the industry?


Satair is one of the world's leading distributors of spare parts and supplier of services within the aircraft industry. Early on, Satair saw the need for radical digital transformation and embarked on an ambitious transformation project to stay ahead of the competition.

However, shortly after the launch of Satair’s groundbreaking Market solution the Covid-19 pandemic brought the whole aviation industry to a sudden halt. Now, with the pandemic in the rear mirror, this commerce platform is gaining momentum fast. But what is it all about?


As part of the Airbus Group, it required a future-proof solution of the highest quality to meet ambitions and future requirements.

The solution was a scalable architecture that follows a few IT strategic principles to make it easy to maintain as well as quick and painless to integrate into other applications and services from Satair and Airbus. 

The foundation was built as a headless commerce setup, with all business logic in the Commerce Cloud and a modern frontend framework. This to ensure a seamless user experience and more freedom for the business to roll out digital products and service concepts.

At the heart of the architecture is a CDP built on a Hadoop database in the google cloud, which pulls data from not only Satair's core systems (such as ERP, CRM and SPEC 2000), but also behavioural data from the Adobe stack consisting of target, analytics and campaign to advanced segmentation and personalisation.

In 2022, the solution was further improved with an optimised enterprise service bus, which will make it even easier for Satair to connect new platforms and applications to this commerce platform.


Satair’s holistic, customer-focused architecture has made it possible to develop from "digital also" to "digital first" in just one year. And in overall numbers Satair Market's share of total revenue has increased to 50% anno 2022 – and the growth continues.

58.3 %

increase in yearly revenue on Satair Market

+200M USD

in yearly revenue on Satair Market in 2022


increase in numbers of orders on Satair Market


increase in conversion rate on online orders on Satair Market

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