Powering the Next Era of Experience Innovation

Increasingly, brands have hit a wall when it comes to delivering new kinds of value from their current customer data. Massive growth in available data, continually evolving regulations, and a crowded, confusing martech landscape has throttled their ability to unlock and unleash data for CX innovation. The solution is not a more expensive investment, it's a more expansive approach.

Cover of Connected Cloud ebook

The Merkle Connected CX Cloud is your future-forward superstructure to fuel personalization at scale, providing greater command of customer data – and exponentially improving your ability to share, automate, safeguard, and empower that data across all channels.

  • Powered by Merkury, Merkle’s innovative identity platform acclaimed for customer and prospect data activation
  • Designed with a modern experience architecture to unlock and integrate data for real-time, insights-driven experiences
  • Built upon a flexible ecosystem of interoperability that boosts agility, streamlines innovation, and speeds time to value

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