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Parent and Carer Pillar

At Merkle, supporting working parents and carers isn’t just an HR goal – it’s a business strategy to improve productivity, employee wellbeing and crucially, to retain our top talent and, as a result, our top clients.

Being a working parent or carer

A community of parents has long existed within Merkle, and the Parent & Carer pillar was created to provide a wider support network, with the aim of helping anyone whose responsibilities to others outside of work can mean they require more support within work. We seek to drive awareness and engagement around areas such as (but not limited to) policy, baby loss, different types of family unit and flexible working for parents working from home. We host a variety of events within our community and with client partners, as well as fundraising for our charity partners. Through our shared lived experience, we have been able to inspire and support each other, and have an input into family and carer policy creation within Merkle and our parent company, Dentsu.

A word from our pillar lead


Rebekah Schelfhout

Director – Media Operations

“Being a part of the Parent & Carer Pillar means a great deal to me, as a part-time working mother of two, it's important that I feel supported at work and have peers who I can connect with who are in a similar situation to me. No more has this been true than during lockdown 2020/2021 where having community calls with other parents allowed me to see that I wasn't the only one struggling with having children at home and working. Having a brother with Down's Syndrome I will one day also be a carer to him and creating a supportive work environment for carers is important to me because of that.“

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