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At Merkle we are organized in a number of practices to deliver the best counsel, expertise and experiences possible to our clients.

We have three practices focusing on the needs, experiences and solutions across our clients’ businesses, and they are intersected by six verticals containing our specialist capabilities.


Measuring & optimizing the impact of experience

Ultimately, we want our digital initiatives to generate results. Across owned and paid channels, we want to activate and orchestrate the relevant experience between consumer and brand.

The activation of communication resides in the intersection of technical infrastructure, creative development and data insights. At all time, we want to measure the effect of experience and facilitate a process towards ongoing optimization.  


Unlocking the potential of the data 

Using proven insight & analytical processes we enable you to interpret your data assets, find the relevant insights; and unlock its full potential by translating it to smart data decision, using predictive data science (notably machine-learning). And as your business data is never static, we can assist you in continuously reviewing, learning, and improving by creating the right level of business-driven metrics & dashboards.


Becoming truly data-driven 

Today businesses are collecting more data than ever, but at the same time they are struggling to make sense of it all. At Merkle we help connect the dots, build the right data foundation with a unified & connected 360° degree view of your customers/consumers, whilst ensuring high quality and compliance.

We help you become truly data-driven in your decisioning by managing and harnessing your data with the right structure, insights, analytics, and technology; empowered with the skilled people & processes.


Becoming integral in the customer experience 

The enormous growth of commerce in Merkle’s solutions is testament to the significance of commerce in the overall customer experience. Our team of highly skilled people help build complex solutions to push the envelope for our clients’ businesses. 

We implement based on the market leading commerce platforms, with highest degree of integrations to backend and 3rd party systems, enabling a formidable and fluid customer experience across channels. The way we work is heavily permeated with agile and extreme programming principles as well as continuous delivery, TDD and Behaviour driven development methodologies.


Paving the way to progress & transformation
Adapting to change is hard! Adopting new technologies and driving real value from them is hard too. It requires a clear sense of shared direction, the right approach to and governance of technology and an agile organization that is fired up and ready to roar. 

We help ambitious clients navigate the treacherous waters of the digital economy and get everything in place for CX success. We help shape the vision for world-leading CX, identify the differentiating value drivers, design new business models and enable teams and organization to innovate and operate in a digitally powered business environment. 

Content Solutions

Making the means to bring content to life 
We make content come alive – turning high performance code across app, web and integrations into beautiful user engaging experiences. We operate across multilabel stacks and platforms not focusing primarily on the tech to use, but how to best enable the experience and strategy.

Content Solutions helps brands rethink, optimize and evolve their tech ecosystems. We manage and drive solutions through a wide host of services, from technical discovery and platform selection to development, personalization and service desk.


Shaping experiences into valuable relations 
We choreograph customer interactions into memorable experiences that become valuable relationships. It’s all about connection customers to companies through immersive design, intelligent UX and compelling content creation.

It is also about identifying and creating crucial peak moments along the customer journey that make lasting impressions – and be able to deliver this in scaleable experience solutions across markets, channels and devices.


From strategies into real world solutions
We build marketing technology stacks for our clients to create a single unified view of customers and their behaviors. This enables sending relevant personalized communication to customers at the right time and in the right channel.

At MarTech we help operate and optimize the use of the marketing technology stack by managing the solution and assisting clients’ marketing and IT organizations. It’s all about turning marketing and CRM strategies into real world implemented solutions – about delivering and optimizing relevant data driven experiences to give our clients a lasting competitive advantage.

Programme Management

Securing progress, quality, time and scope
Complex projects and programmes carry an inherent risk of being impeded by a host of issues from resources, timing, stakeholder commitment, technical challenges and so on. That calls for a dedicated unit able to oversee and help solve issues from start to finish.

Programme Management helps project managers with technically challenging work, establish day to day relationships with client senior stakeholders, track project and negotiate timelines, scope and budgets across portfolios of clients. All for the progress of projects and securing of deliveries.