Changing your mindset to bring about change

Meeting rising customer expectations

As customer expectations rise, it's not enough that today's organisations invest heavily in data and technology solutions to keep pace. Business leaders must also explore a change in cultural mindset if they're to deliver ongoing, sustainable, value from this expenditure. Change that is based on the development of personal, meaningful experiences for customers that grows long-term relationships.

Is your business set up to deliver this success? Are all teams aligned towards clear goals, and do they believe in them? We introduce the idea that, when it comes to establishing the best mindset within your business, it's vital that employees are working enthusiastically towards common goals because then your ability to reach those clear business targets in the desired amount of time is improved.

In this paper, we also describe how accepting and embracing the need for a mindset change can be challenging, before exploring how to overcome any barriers in the way of unlocking sustainable value across the organisation.

Using real-world examples from businesses, we cover:

  • How putting your company’s people first will enable a customer-first mindset.
  • The importance of everyone, and all teams, aligning behind the same business goals.
  • Your role in developing an insight-led, collaborative culture.
  • Ensuring business targets align with a clearly articulated customer vision, value proposition and strategy.
  • The importance of measurement in ensuring that you deliver meaningful change over time.
  • Merkle's potential role in implementing our Adaptive Customer Experience Organisation Framework