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International Expansion Specialist Consultancy for Growing and Entering Markets

International expansion presents a vast opportunity to increase revenue, strengthen your product offering and enable competitive advantages. Merkle’s International Growth consultancy specialists help you drive your operation forward, realise your end-to-end market expansion plans and deliver your growth ambitions.


£ 1.1
billion managed in global digital media spend
15 +
countries operated in
100 +
qualified Baidu search specialists
150 k
campaigns managed annually

International Growth Consultancy

Our International Growth consultancy allows you to:

- Deeply understand where opportunities and challenges sit within new markets and your business, which will guide your next best move.

- Identify when to enter the market, so you can build a roadmap with a bespoke calendar to maximise the likelihood of successful engagements over time.

- Understand how to achieve your ambition, so you can construct a strategy that delivers the best approach for initial effectiveness, and also a foundation for long term success.

Who can benefit from International Growth Consultancy?

- Small- and medium-sized enterprises​ with a strong desire to grow their digital programme internationally, or who are just starting to consider it; ​for new market entry and stabilisation, and existing market development.​

- Large companies with existing multimarket presence who want to elevate and enhance their capabilities and level of sophistication, or who wish to enter into additional new-opportunity markets.​

How can Merkle help with global expansion strategy?

We can help you navigate through your international journey, regardless of where you sit in the path to market maturity. Whether you are new to export or looking to grow incremental revenue, we have the specialist delivery support you need to help you unlock opportunities, in the context of your operation, and definition of value.

Our International Growth experts help you make informed business direction that create sustainability, and mitigate risk. We determine your readiness for growth and expansion and provide you with marketing intelligence insights as well as strategic decisioning pieces that lead to the creation of comprehensive, actionable and scalable roadmaps.

Why choose Merkle?

We have developed our own market intelligence methodology: our cross-channel, platform-agnostic International Growth Pathway Model proactively assesses and generates competitive advantages for you. Our model is actionable, scalable, and perhaps most importantly it is trackable, which allows us to measure the effectiveness of our recommendations in driving growth. We turn insights into roadmaps, strategies and thought leadership pieces, thus creating actionability at every single stage of your expansion journey.

Our capability means we can validate a strategic approach, and also execute on it: we have end-to-end capabilities to deliver the actions formed as part of the strategic plan. If you need us to deliver tasks, platform expansions, activate media, produce content, perform localisation, and so on, this is well within our skillset.

We have developed our own Agency Centre of Excellence. This comprises multilingual, multi-channel, platform-certified specialists who operate across all agency functions.

Our extensive ecosystem of partners supports success: we take a tech-agnostic, full-market view to ensure the most appropriate solution is deployed each time. We are one of Google’s few​ International Growth Business Partners. We leverage our roster of deep enterprise, technology, localisation and specialist relationships to deliver best-in-class, highly-tailored approaches every time.

The Merkle approach to global expansion

Our test-and-learn approach seeks to deliver value from day one: we approach the delivery of your market(s’) ambitions so as to support long-term, sustainable growth, while also working to secure the incremental wins that build into broad and deeply impactful results on a large scale. Our approach proves the value of actions prior to recommending further investments and is flexible enough to move at the pace that you want it to. We believe in supporting our clients in maximising the returns on their investments from the very start: by the time recommendations turn into activations, we have a solid data- and insight-driven strategic plan that can iterate as needed.

We work as an extension of your team, as one cohesive unit: we have capabilities in many areas for efficient and comprehensive delivery of your vision. Our specialist talent can help you drive innovation and deploy your go-to-market plans, both strategically and operationally. We provide bespoke responses to your unique go-to-market challenges and deliver International Growth Consultancy through a series of collaborative sessions and granular auditing phases that truly enable us to connect with your business on operational and cultural levels.

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