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Getting Connected TV Right: Setting the Stage for 2023

For most marketers, connected TV (CTV) has become a familiar topic of conversation over the last several years. While CTV is now a common term and tactic, we find many marketers struggle to understand the exact mechanics of CTV, articulate how CTV fits into a broader integrated marketing strategy, and identify ways to continue evolving a holistic TV approach.  

Why A TV Strategy is Critical Now

In 2022, we saw streaming viewership eclipse cable viewership for the first time ever and all signs point toward continued acceleration of cordless TV viewing, with eMarketer reporting that 2022 US CTV ad spend could potentially exceed $21.16 billion. The CTV trend isn’t just important in terms of following the migration of eyeballs and dollars—it’s really about the ability to develop an overall TV and video strategy that effectively connects with target audiences to drive brand recognition and response. TV is a critical medium for advertising for a few reasons:

The relevance of TV remains at an all-time high as successful marketers adapt their marketing programs to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace. The great news is that these changes represent an advancement in the ability to: 

  • Tailor TV strategy for broad reach while also targeting specific individuals and households.
  • Maximize ad relevance and experience to various audiences through personalized content alignment and messaging.
  • Apply digital measurement best practices to hold TV investment accountable to business outcomes. Not sure how? Check out how Cancer Treatment Centers of America did it here.

Key Questions that Will Inform 2023 Activation 

Whether you are looking to capitalize by taking your CTV strategy to the next level or wade into the channel for the first time in 2023, we’re prepared to help you start off the new year on the right foot with a five-part blog series. We’ve asked experts from across our organization to weigh in on a series of the most common questions we’re hearing from marketers: 

  • Question 1: As media consumption habits change, linear TV strategies aren’t as effective as they used to be. How can I offset declining linear performance with CTV? 
  • Question 2: Who owns CTV? Is it a TV or digital tactic and what does that mean for budget source, budget level, strategy alignment, and responsibility?   
  • Question 3: How should CTV be measured? What is the best way to prove out performance and optimal investment levels?        
    Question 4: The CTV landscape is complicated and rapidly evolving. Who are the best CTV activation partners today and why? 
  • Question 5: What creative assets are needed to successfully activate a CTV campaign? 

We’ll be publishing thoughts on these questions the second week of every month, so watch this space! We encourage feedback and additional questions and may consider extending the series based on engagement.