Advertising & Creative Technology

We bring the right CX platforms and technology to every program to reach your audiences more efficiently and optimize the conversation.

There are more automated media buying platforms today than ever before, and yet very few can provide the desired inventory scale and breadth of data integrations across all channels. We’ll efficiently manage across multiple platforms to deliver high-performing programmatic media campaigns.

Retail media is the fastest-growing segment of digital advertising. We’ll help you capitalize on this explosion by monetizing your most valuable assets – first-party shopper data, owned media online and offline media, and more – so you can grow your bottom line or reinvest in the business, all while engaging customers in new ways.

Content creation, distribution, and testing need to be efficient to thrive in today’s multi-touch world. Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) automatically tailors and optimizes advertising creative in real-time based on user data and preferences, which our performance creative experts inform and build on to create better experiences for your customers.

Shoppers need to know exactly what they’re buying – and a good or bad data feed makes all the difference. We tailor product content to your customer’s shopping behaviors and evolve to stay ahead of online shopping innovations and consumer preferences.

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Scaling-Up: Designing Tomorrow’s Experiences Today

Meeting customer expectations today means asking the big questions. How do you want your customers to feel? How can you make their lives better? And how can interactions grow into relationships? The 2023 Customer Experience Imperatives helps you navigate the entire landscape whether it your organization, your existing technology and data assets, or how to think about commerce.



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