Columbia, MD, February 23, 2021

Merkle Releases Non-endemic E-retail Playbook to Help Connect Retailers, Brands, and Shoppers Across the Growing Industry

Merkle (, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven customer experience management (CXM) company, today released its Non-endemic E-retail Playbook. The report analyzes the rise of retail media networks (RMNs) over the past 18 months and how retailers can further leverage their owned media opportunities through the integration of non-endemic (NE) advertisers.         

According to Merkle’s Non-endemic E-retail Playbook, retailers can capitalize on their well-visited commerce platforms to provide NE advertisers with new advertising opportunities to engage relevant customers. This symbiotic relationship ultimately allows for a more personalized customer marketing experience that includes a broader array of products and services that consumers value.

Key components for success within these relationships are outlined throughout the report and include insights into identifying:

  • Right brand fit
  • Appropriate level of customer engagement
  • Optimal use of audience data
  • Best media solutions
  • Effective creative and branding
  • Reliable ways to measure performance

These insights allow retailers and brands to capitalize on the massive opportunity of non-endemic advertising partnerships. In fact, according to a recent Merkle survey, 76 percent of CPG brands plan to contribute to non-endemic spending, further highlighting the value in setting the right strategy.

“Retail media networks have already made their mark on the industry, and the integration of non-endemic advertiser partnerships will only further accelerate this growth,” said Janine Flaccavento, senior vice president, media services, Merkle. “Retailers and brands alike should be prioritizing these relationships, since they have huge potential to accelerate bottom line growth. By utilizing the insights in our playbook, industry players will position themselves to create a ‘win-win-win’ situation for the retailer, NE advertiser, and, most importantly, customers.”

To learn more about the findings within the Non-endemic E-retail Playbook, download the full report here.